New Zealand


Me and my little 1995 Honda Odyssey went around the South Island for a month and a half. We saw glaciers, fjords, blue penguins, baby seals, lots of sheep, and fat cats.  I haven't traveled solo for sometime before New Zealand, so living out of the van by myself brought a real sense of freedom. It was a nice feeling to be able to go anywhere anytime and have everything you needed with you at all times.

The valley walk at Franz Joseph Glacier

The overcast day made the colors pop out so much more.

My car at camp before heading to Milford Sound

Wye Creek on the way to climbing with some friends I met at Thakhek, Laos

Farewell Point with my friend Alan on our rest day from climbing at Takaka

View from the Hooker Valley Hike at Mt. Cook

Bonfire and drinks with other campers at Purakaunui Bay

Driving on the leftside and eating leftovers.