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West Coast Climbing Roadtrip

For the past five months, Tony and I have been living out of a Nissan Pathfinder. We traveled down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico passing through Squamish, Smithrock, Lover's Leap, Bishop, Red Rocks, Sedona, and El Potrero Chico. It took getting used to fitting my life into a car but it felt great to only have the essentials. We even picked up a pup in Los Angeles whom has many fans at the crags.

All photos of me by Tony Archie Kim

Squamish sunset in September

Phantasmagoria at Smithrock, OR

Heavenly Path in Bishop, CA

Super easy but beautiful climb!

November 1st, we went the to the West Valley Animal Shelter in LA and found Hippo the vicious killing machine

Trying the moves on the Iron Man Traverse

The Pit Campground, Bishop

Sunset at Alabama Hills

Sedona morning


I've spent the last few months in Seattle, adjusting to a different pace of life and exploring new hobbies.  After half a year of backpacking and climbing, it's nice to be stationary for a bit and learn how to bake, cook, and explore whatever else comes to mind.  The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and in a lot of ways, similar to New Zealand.  I've had a surprising amount of friends and family pass through town so its been fun catching up and exploring my surroundings with them.

I spent a lot of time learning how to make bread, cook, and appreciate down time

The sunny little kitchen is everyone's favorite spot in the Kim apartment

Climbing at Tieton River

Diablo Lake at North Cascades