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West Coast Climbing Roadtrip

For the past five months, Tony and I have been living out of a Nissan Pathfinder. We traveled down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico passing through Squamish, Smithrock, Lover's Leap, Bishop, Red Rocks, Sedona, and El Potrero Chico. It took getting used to fitting my life into a car but it felt great to only have the essentials. We even picked up a pup in Los Angeles whom has many fans at the crags.

All photos of me by Tony Archie Kim

Squamish sunset in September

Phantasmagoria at Smithrock, OR

Heavenly Path in Bishop, CA

Super easy but beautiful climb!

November 1st, we went the to the West Valley Animal Shelter in LA and found Hippo the vicious killing machine

Trying the moves on the Iron Man Traverse

The Pit Campground, Bishop

Sunset at Alabama Hills

Sedona morning

Tonsai, Thailand

I first came to Tonsai in 2013 on my first solo backpacking trip. It was then when I met Tony and Damien for the first time. Who would have known that three years later the three of us would roam Laos and Thailand together? The brutal heat and vicious mosquitoes made less than ideal climbing conditions but it's hard to deny the beauty, tranquility, and the special vibe here that brings people together.

View of Phra Nang Beach from the Escher Wall, photo by Nestori Virtanen

Railey Beach from Thaiwand Wall

Me on The Best Route in Minnesota, photo by Tony Archie Kim

I got scared at the top slabby bit, photo by Nestori Virtanen

View of Tonsai from Thaiwand Wall while hiding in caves to waiting out the rain

Dawn on the uninhabited Poda Island where a group of us spent the night before saying goodbye to Tonsai

Green Climber's Home--Thakhek, Laos

Green Climber's Home in Thakhek has proven to be my favorite climbing spot in Southeast Asia.  The camp is a hub for the climbing community and a great place to meet new partners. The lack of wifi makes life simple: eat, climb, talk to someone new, sleep, repeat. The quality and quantity of routes here makes it perfect for climbers of any experience to grow and push personal limits.  

Mornings at Camp 2

Multipitch view of Camp 2

Bungalow living

Mon General, my first 6c, Nestori Virtanen and Tony Archie Kim photo

Mine and Vipin's first 6B+ Hans Dampf, yeah partner!! Tony Archie Kim photo

Was joined by a couple of clowns