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Namphapayai, Thailand

Nam Pha Pa Yai is such a gem of a climbing camp! It is just north of Bangkok and is accessible by car or train. Being so close to the city, it is surprisingly quiet and intimate. There is no wifi and very little cell reception. The rock is solid and the routes are long and varied. With home cooked dinners and less than 10 people a night, it is a beautiful place to lay low and just climb.  Did I mention you zipline to the wall? Also that you can stay in a tree house if you book early enough?  I loved it and would love to return when the weather is cooler.


On the train ride from Bangkok to  Kaeng Khoi

Beautiful Thai countryside 

The climbing at Nam Pha was amazing! It is like a mini-Green Climbers Home and you have the wall almost all to yourself

Ernst zipping over to the Main Wall

Tents on stilts were spacious and clean

My little bluey had a bath on rest day. The weather was so dry that it dried in an hour or so!

Green Climber's Home--Thakhek, Laos

Green Climber's Home in Thakhek has proven to be my favorite climbing spot in Southeast Asia.  The camp is a hub for the climbing community and a great place to meet new partners. The lack of wifi makes life simple: eat, climb, talk to someone new, sleep, repeat. The quality and quantity of routes here makes it perfect for climbers of any experience to grow and push personal limits.  

Mornings at Camp 2

Multipitch view of Camp 2

Bungalow living

Mon General, my first 6c, Nestori Virtanen and Tony Archie Kim photo

Mine and Vipin's first 6B+ Hans Dampf, yeah partner!! Tony Archie Kim photo

Was joined by a couple of clowns