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Post Nepal, I met my college friend Lindy in Bhutan for a week.  After a month of high elevation tea houses and hostels, it was a nice change of pace to have a driver, guide, and three-star hotels.  In Bhutan, the men are handsome and the women are beautiful; the air is clear, the temples are mysterious, and the holy water strong.

Tiger's Nest, the most auspicious temple in Bhutan, is perched on a cliff 900 meters off the ground. 

First day around Thimphu, the bridge to Chari Monastery

Tashi our knowledgeable guide who is also an amazing dancer!

Dzongs are former fortresses that serve as religious and administrative centers.

They are architectural masterpieces covered with intricate design details.

View of Punakha

Clusters of white prayer flags commemorates the dead, outside the Temple of the Divine Madman

Stream in Thimphu

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

I couldn't resist hanging out with some of my favorite Malaysians in a harsh unforgiving environment.

Enjoying the good weather at lower elevation

Mountaineer's memorial on the way to Base Camp

This pup followed us up on acclimatization day

The path up

A yak's day

Everest as seen from Kala Patthar (18,514ft/5643m, highest point of our trek) at sunset

Our crew at Chola Pass, photo by Ian Chung

Heading home via Gokyo Valley, photo by Ian Chung